Sometimes promotions are listed here. Feel free to email and ask about the next promotion dates.



After you sign up, you will receive an email from me (note: it might take a couple of days), asking about your choice of dates.

You will receive a receipt after payment. But if your institution needs an invoice and wishes to settle it via bank transfer, simply email me and I will send you an invoice and the details for the bank transfer.

If you have a discount code, you will be able to apply it after you select the course from the list below. After selecting the course, apply the code and you will see the discounted price.


£240.00 now.


£270.00 now.


£270.00 now.


£270.00 now.


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If you would like to take multiple courses, you have two options:

    • Sign up for one course, then log in. After you’ve logged in, go to the URL and type in “”, which will take you back to the front page. From there, click on “Dates & Prices” and buy the next product. This will link all the various courses to a single usename.
    • Sign up separately for each product (and create different usernames). I will then merge them all manually into a single username/account.

After signing up, all courses will appear as “Locked”. The lessons will be unlocked on the course start dates mentioned above.


Finally, a note on IP address use: These courses are restricted to a single user and a single machine, which cannot be run on a mobile phone network. If you have a dynamic IP for your machine, that will be accommodated by default but please do not use a VPN. Also, it will not be possible to change the IP address due to reasons such as travel. Please bear that in mind when you sign up and choose to take the course at a suitable time.