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MplusWizard is a place where you get to learn magical SEM skills to empower you to reveal intricate patterns in real life. It was created for complete beginners and offers a very gentle introduction into SEM, in an intuitive and non-mathematical way. It will help you become a wizard!

The current course is focused specifically on multi-level modelling with the software Mplus. In future, more courses will be added.

The courses are based on bite-sized videos that walk you through actual examples, with detailed explanations of the input and output files. Here’s a list of main topics covered in the current Multi-Level Path Analysis course:

  • A gentle introduction to the SEM process and the software Mplus, including a presentation of the input, data and output files, and the diagrammer.
  • Examples of the main types of regression present in single-level analysis, as defined according to the scale of your dependent variables. This will enable you to do a whole range of path analyses.
  • An introduction to two-level modelling and its uses, to help you decide if you truly need it or not.
  • A step by step two-level path analysis, including covariates at each level and a cross-level interaction.

And coming soon:

  • An introduction to latent variables.
  • Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis in single-level models. This will help you create a wide range of SEM.
  • Examples of two-level exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses.
  • A full two-level SEM.

Choose the package that is right for you

Mplus Wizard Mplus Wizard Mplus Wizard Mplus Wizard
Introduction to SEM and Mplus tick tick tick
Path analysis tick tick tick
Latent variables tick tick tick
Introduction to multilevel modelling tick tick tick
Multilevel path analysis tick tick tick
Multilevel latent variables (coming soon) tick tick tick

Please Note: The MagicSchool package is slated to become available in 2020, but if you need it now, please email us. It is aimed at research centres that hope to retain licenses at a centre level (rather than user-based). It will include everything listed under SpellCaster, for 6 users with the option to change users, but for a limited amount of time.

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