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In the period 27 September – 10 October 2021, the website will be closed for maintenance. You may continue to sign up but will not be able to take courses. Gabriela will be on holiday during this period, so emails will be replied to after 11th October.




Login FAQ:


1.”I tried to login but the button did not visually appear to have been pressed and after I tried a few times, I received a message saying I am “locked out”.

This may happen if your internet is slow. Pressing the login button 5 times trips a defence against robot-enabled trial-and-error password use. The website will keep you on lock-out for 1 hour and this cannot be reversed manually.


2. “I tried to log in but got the message: “New IP detected”. What do I do now?”

When your IP changes, this triggers a 2-factor-authentication system. You receive an email with a link, so click on that and log in again via that link. Once that is done, you should be good to go.


3. “I can’t log in and I don’t know what to do – help!”

If you can’t manage to log in, email me – preferrably before you have tried 5 times (to avoid the lockout). I will be happy to help. Note: I am not always at my computer, so I might take a few hours to reply. Please don’t be frustrated by this. When these courses started out, they were set up as “instructor-paced” courses, which you could only take on specific weeks (i.e. those weeks when I was sure I could guarantee sitting in front of the screen the entire day, each day). But to offer you the ability to take the courses anytime you wish and make them better fit around your life, they are now always open – even at times when I might not be able to be at the desk.