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Login FAQ:

Login is usually seamless but it can be painful at times. Please know that whatever you experience is due to security features that are meant to keep all our personal details safe. I also get locked out sometimes and have to re-verify my login details by email very often – so there are no privileges for me. 😉 So please bear with me, I am doing my best to help. Sometimes we need to get help from the pros, but login difficulties usually come under the following categories, which you might be able to sort on your own or with a little help from me:


1.”I tried to login but the button did not visually appear to have been pressed and after I tried a few times, I received a message saying I am “locked out”.

This may happen if your internet is slow. Pressing the login button 5 times trips a defence against robot-enabled trial-and-error password use. The website will keep you on lock-out for 1 hour and this cannot be reversed manually (I happened to me too a few times in the first few months).


2. “I tried to log in but got the message: “New IP address detected”. What do I do now?”

When your IP changes, this triggers a 2-factor-authentication system. You will receive an email with a link, so click on that and log in again via that link. Once that is done, you should be good to go.


3. The website says: “We need to verify your ID”.

This happens to me quite often, but not so much to everyone else – it occurs when the website identifies the login as suspicious (yep, that’s me, alright!). If it happens to you, you will receive an email titled “Login Verification Required”, which will contain a link at the bottom. Follow that and re-enter your login details. This step will usually produce a new message: “New IP address detected”… whereby a new email will be sent to you and you will have to click on that and re-enter your login details. Now you will be able to access the website.


4. “I can’t log in and I don’t know what to do – help!”

If you can’t manage to log in, email me – preferrably before you have tried 5 times (to avoid the lockout). I will be happy to help. Note: I am not always at my computer, so I might take a few hours to reply. Please don’t be frustrated by this, I am doing my best to be available all the time.


Thanks for the patience,